You are a test-driven developer and would like to contribute to Silva?

You master non programming languages and would like to help on translating Silva CMS even better?

Silva is open source software, feel free to contribute.

Have a look at the blueprints and let us know what your contribution can be.


You like writing code and would like to write your own killer app? Don't waste any time and have a look in our development section which has references to the Silva API, Silva Developer documentation and Code sources.

Ask questions

Silva-general mailing list:

Silva-dev development list:

You have some unanswered questions? Contact us for support.


You can help translate or improve existing translations?

Have a look on launchpad where the Silva translation are located and let yourself go.

Help other Silva users

Silva has few secrets for you and you like sharing that feedback?

Join us on IRC, you can find the details under Support.

Help testing

You get cheerful testing features and fixes?

Let us know and we will put you on the happy testers list.


Have a question or suggestion on the documentation?

Would you like to write some documentation on a subject not covered yet?

Contact us and we will add you to the documentation list.

Community initiatives

Silva core improvements

Silva extension improvements



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